Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tea Time -ICDL 2006
Towards the end

Well, Today's over ..!!

Laugh and thought at extreme ??

The beginning- Day 1
Snaps with TCS Colleagues during ICDL -2006
Conference at New Delhi ( December 2006)
Not teaching, but quiz'ing (November, 2006)

With Joby and Anil (November, 2006)

Friday, October 06, 2006

What a punch: Ram on his new Pulzar (September, 2006)
NB: This picture may win next pulitzer prize.
Among colleagues @ Mumbai (Jan 2oo6)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The dearest ones of time, the strongest friends of the soul--BOOKS (May, 2006)

Among the Books !! (May, 2006)

Life @ TCS: In a House Boat,Emerald Princess, Marine Drive, Kochi (2006)

Brain Storming, Mind Mapping & Sight Seeing !!(2006)

Eat and Bete: Laughing Time
Dim & Bright and a breeze outside: Life @ TCS (2006)

Yes ! There's a treasure in it !! (2006)

With Friends: Infront of the Registrar's Office, Indian Institute of Science (Aug 2005)

On a laugher: Near the Statue of Tata, IISc (Aug 2005)

Late Dr T B Rajashekar; Our Teacher and the Light House of NCSI (Dec 2004)

Chilled Moments @ Kodaikkanal- A trip to Kodai (Jan 2005)

Trip to Kodai during my study at IISc. The beautiful cottage where we stayed (Jan 2005)

With Jacob at IISc during a usual evening walk (Dec 2003)

With Francis and Arumugam (Aug 2005)

Ram and Hemant @ Top of NCSI (Feb 2004)

A lighter Moment @ NCSI !! (Aug 2005)

Krishna Kumar & Me (Aug 2005)

Nagaraj & Me: Infront of NCSI (Aug 2005)

With Class mates in Lab@IISc (Nov 2003)

With Manu and Nagaraj (Aug 2005)

Sister & Brother @ Home (April 2002)

Mum & Dad: Marriage photo in 1978

Art of Time: The Way Life Goes..(2004)

At University of Calicut: My MLISc days (Aug 2002)

Beauty Spot @ University of Calicut (Feb 2002)